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South Africa

Happy New Year guys!

While it was 19 degrees in Atlanta, the Brownies (my kids) enjoyed summertime 87degrees + in Johannesburg, South Africa as we vacationed there to bring in the New Year.We flew directly from Atlanta to Johannesburg which was 14 hours (this is the 2nd longest direct flight in the world!)

We stayed at a nice guest house Journey's Inn Africa Guest Lodge. for about $40 night booked through Expedia. It is a nice gated guest lodge near the airport with a pool and they even offered African delicious meals in a nice dining room setting.For me the best part of vacations with my kids are history lessons!

We all got a history lesson as we toured Constitutional Hill, where Mandela and Ghandi were once imprisoned, and the Constitution Court of South Africa. The only downfall is our body clocks are totally off as kids are all knocked out which means that they will be up all night and they go back to school tomorrow.

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